Henry Brack and Elizabeth Fuchs and their children

The Brack family of Rush County, Kansas were pioneering German Russian who helped lead the immigration from Russia to the Great Plains.  The 4 Brack brothers, their families and their mother arrived in Rush County, Kansas in 1876.  Henry Brack and Elizabeth Fuchs raised a large family in Otis, Rush County, Kansas.  Their 2 sons and 6 daughters mostly lived their lives in and around Otis.  Family reunions in the big house in Otis were lively affairs with lots of grandkids running around.  Unfortunately the next generation spread across the U.S. and the family reunions stopped in the 1940s.  There is a Brack family reunion held in LaCrosse, Kansas but the descendants of Henry and Elizabeth are not often well represented.

Brack Family Reunion, Otis Kansas, 1947 

The Brank kids, from left to right (in reverse age order)  Andrew, Angie, Dorothea, Agnes, Esther, Viola, Aaron, Olga.  Probably during the 1947 reunion in Otis, Kansas

Henry and Elizabeth Brack Family and their family during the Otis Reunion,  1947

Elizabeth Fuchs Brack and her daughters, plus one lively grandson, possibly Owen or Glen Johnson.

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