Honkomp, Kramer and Erdmann Family Photos

Henry Honkomp immigrated to New Vienna, Dubuque County, Iowa in 1844.  He married Anna Kramer a daughter of Anton Kramer also an immigrant to New Vienna in the 1840's.  Both families came from the Oldenberg region of Germany, specifically the villages of Damme and Steinfeld which are very close together.  The Erdmann daughters Elizabeth and then Gertrude married John Herman Anstoetter in Iowa in the late 19th century.

Anna Honkomp.

The Anton Kramer Family in front of the family farm house just outside of Dyersville, Dubuque County, Iowa

This photo is labeled Grandma Kramers Wedding.  But which Grandma Kramer?

Andy Wieser with Grandma Kramer.  Andrew Wieser brother of Eugene Wieser married "one of the Kramer girls", a cousin of Alice Anstoetter Wieser. Gene's wife.

Uncle Bernard Erdmann spent the later years of his life living with Ben and Lydia Anstoetter and their 10 kids.  Bernard was the brother of Ben's mother Gertrude Erdmann.

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