John McLeland and his descendants

John McLeland, son of James McLeland and Jane Rulon McLeland was born in Kentucky and moved with his family to Indiana as a young adult.  He married first Matilda Asher in Wayne County, Indiana in 1829.  They had 2 sons and 2 (possibly 3) daughters.  Lindamira, Caroline, Thomas Asher and James R. were young children when their mother died in 1841.  John remarried in February 1843 to Martha Jane Leeson Koonz a young widow.  She bore him Matilda, Elizabeth, and John Leeson,  Given the gap in ages between Elizabeth and John L. there may have children that died between 1843 and 1854. Martha Jane died about 1854 and John married Miranda Rogers McKinnsey in February 1855.  They had Melvina, Marietta, Lincoln, Garrilda, and Robert Beeson. Four of John's children - James R., Elizabeth, Lincoln and Garrilda - died unmarried and relatively young.  Robert Beeson McLeland moved to Minnesota.  Lindamira and Thomas Asher moved to Kansas.  Caroline, Matilda, Melvina, Marietta and John Leeson remained in Indiana.  At his death in 1889 John McLeland was living with Matilda McLeland Hill and her husband John Hill.  The names of John's wives and children and their ages have been taken from and confirmed by the Civil War pension application John McLeland made as the aged father of his deceased son James R. McLeland. For photos of Thomas Asher McLeland's descendants please see the next album.


John McLeland and youngest son Robert Beeson McLeland c. 1867

Lindamira McLeland Winslow, oldest daughter of John McLeland and first wife Matilda Asher.  LIndamira and her husband lived in Kansas for much of their married life.

Dr. William Winslow, DDS,  husband of Lindamira McLeland.  Dr. Winslow may have been the inspiration for the dental career of his nephew James Riland McLeland.

Matilda McLeland Hill, daughter of John McLeland and second wife Martha Jane Koonz.

John Hill, husband of Matilda McLeland, photo taken New Castle, Indiana.  John was appointed guardian of John McLeland in the last few years of John's life.

Robert Beeson McLeland youngest son of John McLeland and third wife Marinda McKenzie.  Robert lived in Minnesota with his wife Alice and sons Jack and Lyle.  there was some contact between James R. McLeland and his uncle Robert but that contact appears to have been lost in the next generation.

Lindamira McLeland Winslow and Dr. William Winslow.

Elfretta "Retta" Winslow Hayes, oldest daughter of Lindamira McLeland Winslow.

Harry Pattison son of Retta Winslow Pattison, c. 1888.


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