Henry Scheck and Elizabeth Mueller and their descendants

Henry Sheck and Elizabeth Mueller immigrated to the U.S. in 1900 from the Volga region of Russia.  They came to Kansas via Mexico where they apparently lived for a short amount of time. Henry's sister Katherine Zimmerman was living with her family in Rush County, Kansas and Henry and Elizabeth joined her there.  They raised 10 kids on a variety of rented farms in the region.  Their twin sons, Benjamin and Abraham (my grandfather) were born in a dugout sod house near Albert, Kansas in 1910.

Henry and Elizabeth  Mueller Sheck.

Henry and Elizabeth Sheck Family.

Abe Sheck and Esther Elizabeth Brack's wedding party on the porch of the Brack family farmhouse in Otis Kansas.

Abe and Esther Brack Sheck on their 50th Anniversary.

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