Joy (Smith) (Friedland) Thompson's Scheck Family Research

In 1999 a distant cousin named Joy (Smith) Friedland contacted my mother and myself regarding our Scheck genealogy. Mom was able to identify some pictures for Joy and she and I shared some material. Frankly most of the sharing was on Joy's side since I hadn't really begun working on the Scheck family. And then, as often happens, I lost track of Joy. I didn't think much about it - even in genealogical circles that happens. Then last year when I decided to get in touch with Joy on my annual trip to Salt Lake City, my e-mail came back undeliverable. So I tried the SLC phone book and couldn't find her at her former address. Ah well I thought, I'll try again later. But already I'd left it until too late. In March, when I began working on the website, I started trying to contact Joy again. Selfishly, I wanted to post material from a brief document she sent me in 1999 regarding the Scheck family. I still hadn't gotten around to researching the Scheck Family, so I was hoping to piggyback on Joy's research and share her results with the larger family. So I started a more intensive hunt for Joy on the Internet. I found a phone number for Joy and her husband in Montana. I was thrilled, but before I called the number I thought I would see if I could find an address. You can imagine my shock when lower down the results page I came across Joy's obituary. Joy (Smith) (Thompson) Friedland died on 1 July 2004 at her home in Bigfork Montana.

In Joy's honor I am posting a scanned copy of her carefully researched document.  I have been unable to contact Joy's children to get their permission for this posting.  So if anyone objects to this posting I will be very willing to remove it.  However, it seemed like the honorable way to recognize Joy's work on the Scheck Family of Weisenmuller, Russia and Otis, Kansas.  I apologize for the small size of the images.  Hopefully I can posting larger image soon.  In the meantime, if you right click on the document images and save to your hard disk you can read or print them full page size.  This is Joy's work and by implication it is copyright.  Please credit her for anything you use in your own research.

Joy's Manuscript

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