Thomas Asher McLeland and Caroline Decker and their descendants

Thomas Asher McLeland moved from Boone County, Indiana to Allen County, Kansas in the fall of 1858 with his brother James R. McLeland and several of his Asher cousins' families.  There he met and married Caroline Decker daughter of William Decker.  Caroline was born in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania and at the age of 25 had moved first to Illinois then Kansas with her father, stepmother Catherine and half brothers, David L., William and George R. Decker.  T.A. (as he was widely known) and Caroline had 3 sons and 2 daughter survive into adulthood.  I am descended from Thomas Asher McLeland through his oldest son James Riland McLeland and his grandson Roy Whitman McLeland.  I have many pictures of this family but there aren't many descendants around today.  As far as I have been able to discover so far, none of James Riland's brothers children had children and his sister Johann had two daughters who don't appear to have had any children.  This apparently makes my children the only living descendants of this family line.


Thomas Asher McLeland son of John McLeland and his first wife Matilda Asher

Caroline Decker, daughter of William Decker and wife of Thomas Asher McLeland

Cora Taylor oldest surviving daughter of Joanna McLeland Taylor.  Joanna was the oldest child of Thomas Asher McLeland and Caroline Decker.  No photos of Joanna are available to my knowledge.

Frances Taylor youngest daughter of Joanna McLeland Taylor

James Riland "J.R." McLeland, oldest son of Thomas Asher McLeland and Caroline Decker 1887

James Riland "J R" McLeland dental office in Pleasanton, KS

Nellie Valentine Whitman McLeland as child.  Photo taken c. 1875 in Centerville, Appanoose, Iowa

Nellie Valentine Whitman 1890 just before her marriage to James R. McLeland in Pleasanton, KS

James R McLeland c. 1901 


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