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Welcome to the McLeland-Wieser Family webpage.

This page is being used to share the results of my family history research and all kinds of historic and current family photos. My genealogy research blog is Family History Quest.  I'd love to hear from you.  Opinions, ideas and research helps are always welcome.  You can reach me at  I don't post GEDCOMs, since in the past I've had tentative relationships turned into sure and certain things when shared with other researchers via GEDCOM.

In the past few months, I've discovered that two of my "genealogy cousins" have passed away.  It is always sad to lose a relative and doubly sad to lose someone with whom you share a passion.  Joy and Rose Marie will be missed by their families and by the researchers, like me, who benefited from their wisdom, encouragement and humour.

However, on a happier note, I've run across new genealogy cousins in the past couple of months as well.  I'm not always the world's best correspondent but I'm looking forward to chatting with my new family as time and patience allows.

Only a few of the recent photos have been added back into the website.  The rest will hopefully be back soon.


Adams - Maine - pre 1660
Anstoetter - Hanover, Germ. 1850; Iowa - c. 1870
Asher - North Carolina, c. 1770; Indiana, c. 1820
Austin- Maine, pre 1700
Brack - Russia, c. 1722; Kansas, 1876
Carson - Maine, c. 1770
Decker - New Jersey, c. 1700;  Pennsylvania, c. 1810; Kansas, 1859
Gould - Maine c. 1776; New York, 1850; Nebraska 1871
Hamilton - Maine, c. 1700
Holly - Connecticut, c. 1630; New York c. 1720
Honkomp - Oldenberg Germ. c. 1600; Iowa, 1844
Kramer - Oldenberg Germ. c. 1600; Iowa, 1844
McLeland - North Carolina, c. 1773; Kentucky, c.1790; Indiana 1829; Kansas, 1859; Florida, 1957, Washington, 1974; Kansas, 1981
Oldweiler - Pennsylvania, c. 1742
Overman - Indiana, c.1840
Prather - Maryland c. 1720; North Carolina, c. 1790; Indiana c. 1840
Pray - Maine, c. 1680
Rulon - New Jersey, c. 1700; Kentucky, c. 1790; Indiana c. 1830
Savage - Maine c. 1720; Ohio, c. 1820
Scheck/Sheck - Russia c. 1720; Kansas, 1900
Swartz - Pennsylvania c. 1742; Kentucky, c. 1790; Indiana, c. 1810; Illinois, c. 1850; Nebraska, c. 1770
Thomas - West Virginia, c. 1810
Whitman - New York, c.1740; West Virginia, c 1783; Ohio, c. 1822
Wieser - Baden, c. 1636; Iowa, 1854, Illinois, c.1948; New Jersey, c. 1966; Kansas, c. 1981
Wills - Maine, c. 1779

About me

I am Heather McLeland-Wieser, a mom, wife, daughter, sister, librarian. I've been actively doing my own genealogical research for about 20 years. This site gives me a chance to share my work on the many surnames I've worked on with fellow researchers. I publish articles on this site relating to the various surnames I'm most deeply involved in researching, particularly the McLeland, Wieser, Savage, Scheck, and Whitman families. Below is the link to my Genealogy Research Blog. There I post research in progress and ideas about history, family and life in general.  You are welcome to comment!

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