Bernard Anstoetter and Lidwina Kramer and their descentants

The 10 children of Bernard Joseph (known as Ben) Anstoetter and Lidwina (known as Lydia) Kramer, their 36 grandchildren, their more than 70 great grandchildren and dozens of great great grandchildren remain a close knit bunch even after the deaths of Ben in 1989 and Lydia in 1995.  Ben was the youngest son of John Herman Anstoetter and his second wife Gertrude Erdmann.  John Herman arrived in the U.S. from Hummeldorf near Salzbergen, Hannover, Germany around 1870.  John Herman apparently came to Iowa with his brother Gerhard Heinrich, but I have been able to discover almost nothing about these two men and their German roots.


Wedding photo of Bernard Joseph Anstoetter and Lidwinia Kramer, December 1919

Ben Anstoetter, the minister, Tony Jasper, Lydia Kramer Anstoetter, Clara Anstoetter Jasper

Alice Anstoetter about age 5

Alice Anstoetter and friends at school in Farley, Iowa

Alice Anstoetter's high school graduation class

Anstoetter Family - on the occasion of Ben and Lydia's 25th wedding anniversary


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